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Market Research

We are the ideal partner for market researchers and market research companies. As a dialer and telephone provider, we can host a complete CATI solution for your market research projects and get integrated to your existing system to enhance your performance. Interviewers download a softphone or work via WebRTC from home or in several decentralized telephone studios. You can monitor, record, listen and coach interviewers from anywhere, anytime for free.

Sytel predictive dialer is already 100% compatible with the following data collection systems such as Askia, Confirmit, Dimension, Ingress, Nebu, Nipo, Survox, Unicom and CASO. The Sytel Dialer is used by the largest market research companies in the world, such as Kantar, GFK, Nielson and IPSOS.

With our custom-made plugin, we can connect any software to our hosted dialer.

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Flexible. Scalable. Reliable.

No installation. Instantly available.

Carrier Services

Connect your current dialer and telephone provider to our platform and make use of our 24/7 - 365 days support and SLA's. Take advantage from our competitive prices, or simply use us as a back-up carrier. You pay per use, no setup or monthly fees.

Dialer as a Service (DaaS)

With the Dialer as a Service option you receive the complete package. You pay per use, no setup or monthly fees. Make use of our carrier services and the powerful Sytel AI Dialer, fully hosted in two seperate ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified GDPR-compliant data centers in Germany..

Do you need agents, or find yourself in a tight deadline? No worries! By joining our pool of clients, we can easily connect you to our network of call centers around the globe and assist you with native speaking agents in no time.

These are the benefits of working with us

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Tier 1 Carrier

Connected to international sip trunk operators that cuts out the middleman


Hosted in two different data centers in Germany in accordance with DIN ISO/IEC 27001


Free Call Center Insurance Agreement with monthly availability of 99,7%

Predictive Dialing

Powerful predictive dialer with inbound call blending management to get more responses

TCPA compliant

Progressive and Manual Dialing. (TCPA ​​compliant for USA calls)

Quality Assurance

Monitoring, coaching and recording options with flexible storage space

Multi-Level Campaigns

Call to multiple projects simultaneously for one agent to get more productivity.


Real-time analysis and itemized billing at project level. Get more insight on your projects.


Easy integration with third party providers with our in-house made plugin.
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The predictive dialer

100% compatible and reliable

The real key of a good predictive dialer is not just about the quality of the dialing algorithm, but also depends on how quickly the dialing rate can automatically update. Here you see a graph of Agents getting on a break.

The algorithm runs calculations over and over again in order to adjust the dialing rate in real time. The AI Dialer pacing engine simulates up to 40 million calls per second, so that updates take place within milliseconds. You can see that the dialing rate changes instantly, which reduces abandon calls.

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