Automated Communication Solutions

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We provide startups, SMEs and large enterprises automation processes to improve business operations within an organization.
The AI technologies applications and automated solutions will lead to a more efficient workflow between the stakeholders.
The customer experience and the actionable insights that comes with these services, is what makes us different.
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Our Services
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With our smart concept, Automation as a Service (AaaS), we give companies a chance to put more focus on their business’s primary goals and objectives and leave our experts to setup or develope a system that automates processes and works for you.

data collection
SIP trunking
Engagement Technologies
Social Media automation
Data Fusion
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What makes us stand out?

Our added value lies in the combination of being a telecommunications service provider and having long term experience in market research and contact center industry. This allows us to act a a one-stop shop for our customers and allows them to outsource other services as well.

Market Research

Coding verbatim in 45+ languages
We have an international pool of coders in our database, including skilled workers and medical students who are qualified for the pharmaceutical sector.
Questionnaire programming
Our programmers have experience in Nebu and Confirmit programming, but have moreover also professional background experience in web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Tabulation & Data management services
Tasks such as data checking,data cleaning, coding and recoding in SPSS, ASCII or Excel belong to our daily routines. Furthermore, we also offer big data tabulations with multiple heads and custom design.
Custom dashboards and reporting
We can feed your infographics, that are custom designed by our team with actionable data-driven information with unique, flexible real-time infographics.

Contact Center

Setting up third party components
Getting a software is one thing, setting up third party components that your contact center can work with, is another challenge. We can help you to setup your service number, Emails and Social media platforms.
Scripting Services
For your inbound and outbound routes, you have virtual agents and real-time agents with certain skills and attributions. We can help you to set up multimedia blending for your call center.
Custom Dashboards and Reporting
Get your custom design platform or reporting with your dialer performance but also carrier services in combination with out smart touch portal.
Legals and Compliance
How can I store recordings and which workflow I need to implement to get the customer’s opt-in for customer satisfaction surveys. Can I sell products by phone, how many calls per second am I allowed to make?

Customer Experience

Questionnaire programming
With our surveying methodology, we don’t only measure the loyalty of your customers, but we will also give you reasons why your sales are increasing or decreasing, actionable insights on on every level within your organization. Use our CSAT, CES or our NPS surveys and start taking actions that will really make a difference.
Create a customer journey map
When and why does your customer become a promoter? To understand that, we have to put ourselves in the customer's perspective. By creating a customer journey map, we will identify the touchpoints within your company and find out which insights you are lacking in order to improve the customer experience.
ETL services

ETL stands for extract, transform, and load and is a traditionally accepted way for organizations to combine data from multiple systems into a single database. We can help you to create a data map and merge all relevant data into one database, from which you publish reports and dashboards.

Custom dashboards and reporting
We can feed your infographics, that are custom designed by our team with actionable data-driven information with unique, flexible real-time infographics.
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Unified Communication

Set up an environment
Cloud-based virtual phone system that allows you to free yourself from the limitations of traditional telephony and become seamless and globally connected.
We help you to automate the engagement with your customers through different social messaging platforms. Trigger automated smart replies, connect messages from your email to your social media platforms and many more.
Voice Menus give you full control over how incoming calls are routed. Тime Routers let you tailor greetings and specify how calls are forwarded. Caller ID Routers give you the freedom to automatically direct incoming calls according to the originating phone numbers. We will help you define the right script.
Managed PBX
We manage your extensions, IVR’s and carrier services for national and international calls. Our services are advantageous for companies of any size. The customer support for such services are 24/7 - 365 days a year.