Fully Customizable Contact Center

Uniquely flexible contact center software platform, offering multimedia,
multichannel, fully blended cloud contact center solutions.

Work from

Cloud or

via API’s.

Use our automation services to connect your contact center to any third party application. We cover all facets of the contact center industry, from small to medium-sized business customers that carry out collections, sales, marketing, customer service through various channels such as voice, chat, email, SMS and social media integration.

Agent Desktop

Highly flexible unified web UI for agents, supervisors and administrators, that is fully customizable and tailored made to your needs. Connect to 3rd party web application or web pages to have more access to your business data during calls.

AI Dialer of Sytel

Maximum predictive dialing performance, under any compliance rules. Due to its pacing functionality, it keeps the abandon rates low and the connected calls per minute per agent high.

Media blending

Assign your agents to multiple channels of inbound and outbound campaigns, and define rules on how the automatic reassigning of agents to campaigns should be handled. Lower the waiting time of your customers and improve the customer effort score.

Intelligent Routing

Create complex agent scripts, IVR systems, chatbots and other process flow applications. Almost any condition or route that you would like to set up is possible. Routes can be based on CLI, SLA’s, Skills, Timing or Data driven decisions such as automatic assigning complaint calls to more experienced agents to keep your customer experience and satisfaction high!


Fully customizable performance stats, charts and reports, across all channels. All multimedia sessions; voice, chat, email and sms, both inbound and outbound, passing through the SCC can be reported on. This allows you to gain insights on all levels within your callcenter.

Integrate into CRM’s such as Salesforce or Hubspot

Use your CRM in combination with our Contact Center module that allows you to use call blending (automated, seamless switching of agents) between inbound and outbound campaigns in response to service levels. Record your conversations and saved them into your call history records.

Recording and Coaching module

This built-in call recording and archiving function, including optional capture of visual activity on the agent screen, allows you to keep the standard and quality of your call center at a high level at all times. All recordings are stored server side (in MP3 and WAV format for audio only, or MP4 if including video) and are accessed from the web-based recording monitor client, which includes a comprehensive search facility.


Customer Service

Connect quickly to well
equipped agents

Sales & Telemarketing

Maximise agent productivity with
best-of-breed predictive dialing


Secure, highly-configurable
multichannel communications.

Market Research

Best-of-breed predictive dialing
with CATI integration


Fully integrated with any debt management app