Unified Communication as a Service is a cloud based solution model for all of a businesses communications applications.

Connect your office SIP trunk to your mobile phone, office phone, soft phone or any other compatible SIP Picture background “PBX office” phone.

This is the ideal solution for SME’s that want to stay in touch with their customer’s all the time.

The easy drag and drop user interface, makes it easy for the user to set up a simple small business sip trunk, up to complex multi-branch voice systems.

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Phone System Benefits



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User-friendly, intuitive, and may be managed without any special skills or training.


Phone systems is a fully featured, cloud based virtual phone system. There’s no special hardware needed. It connects to any smartphone, soft phone or office IP based hard phone.


You can route calls based on voice menus (IVR), different virtual numbers or different timing schedules to different branches. Voice Menus allow callers to automatically reach your business divisions, departments or employees, wherever they аге in the world. Тime Routers let you tailor greetings and specify how calls are forwarded, depending on the day and time of the call. Caller ID Routers give you the freedom to automatically direct incoming calls according to the originating phone numbers, allowing you to efficiently process calls from different area codes, countries or and customers.

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Highly flexible Queuing services allows a large number of callers to bе handled, such as in а real Call Center. You are able to host voice conferences with multiple participants internally or globally.


Obviously, with the consent of the callee or caller, you can record the calls and use it later to solve a problem or record calls for your sales to close a deal. Our call recording functionality works for inbound and outbound calls.


Trigger your voicemails to your emails or whatsapp. You can also set up different voicemail for different situations. Let your customers know that you are in a meeting and call right back or inform them that you have left the office and will get back to them the very next day. You can also make a third voicemail to play on Friday evening so you can wish your customers a wonderful weekend.

Connect Your WhatsApp Into Any Software or Vice Versa

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We help you integrate your WhatsApp
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