Telesales and Collection Agencies

We are the right platform for debt collection, account receivables and charity agencies. Play outbound messages to live debtors or their answering machine, so that live agents are reserved only for constructive live contact. Use our precision answering machine detection algorithm, so that messages are played only to answer machines but passing live connects to agents.

To maintain the highest quality interactions, supervisors can monitor agent activity and join conversations where necessary.

Some of our features

Your Benefits

Carrier Services

Make high dialing attempts per second and use simultaneously multiple channels to communicate with your customer.

Hosted Platform

Don't waste time and workforce to manage your callcenter. Use our one-stop-shop for all your needs at a very low price.


Integrate your systems to our platform or automate processes to get more insight and efficiency from your call center.

High conversion rate

To achieve the best possible outcome from every contact, debtors are connected to the right person/ department as quickly as possible, by routing based on what is known about them, e.g. age of debt, outstanding balance, etc. Or they can be routed to a particular collector or department if there is an established relationship. We reach more live contacts per hour while complying with all regulations, automatically scheduling retries of busies, no answers and other non-live calls, and trying alternative contact numbers or addresses. Agents are kept engaged with the right people at the right time, with no supervisor involvement.