A personal relationship with your customers, requires a personal routing.

Our all-in-one platform consists of information technologies that a company needs to identify process optimization. Data analysis, big data, IT security, systems and software engineering, customer journey mapping and cloud computing are used to personalize the customer experience as much as possible. Since digital tracking of customer travel through transactions is possible and clearly presented, the need for optimisation is concrete and quickly recognisable at customer level.

These insights are called Actionable Insights – they provide insights for the company to better understand the buyer personas. All internal and external digital processes contribute to being able to move in the market as a customer-centric company.

Our services at a glance

Omni Channel Data Collection

Data fusion

Custom Dashboards & Reporting

Actionable Insights

SIP telephone system

Virtuelle Agenten & IVR’s

Data management


Questionnaire design

Customer Engagement Technologies (CET)

VoIP optimization


Digital transformation

The Digital Transformation is an economic and cultural change in companies that network with customers, employees and the market through digital technologies. We contribute our experience and technical know-how to make this path easier for you.

„If there’s one thing market research
companies love it is being able to focus
on their core business and leave the
technology to other people to worry about.
Step forward award winning inITova,
a Sytel partner, based in Germany.“


As a digital agency
with us, consulting
and implementation
go hand in hand.


We consult start-ups, SMEs and large companies as well as associations and institutions of various kinds. Whether you want to redevelop all processes and capabilities or simply move to a new technology platform, our digital transformation team will be happy to contact you to work out a customized solution. We will show you how to gain more insight at different levels of your organization in order to initiate target-oriented measures by means of a root cause analysis. Together, we work out a strategic implementation plan based on your current status of the overall objectives and the prioritization of your processes.

Advantages of working with
a digital agency

Practice-oriented consulting

Technical and legal bases

Integration of new technologies

Revaluation of technical know-how

Modular, scalable solutions

Digital customer experiences

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