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Virtual callcenters and predictive dialing

Flexible Softdial solution for outbound and inbound

For CATI projects we offer maximum cost efficiency and unimagined flexibility with our award-winning Virtual Call Center solution.
You too can use IP telephony and the market leading predictive dialer from the cloud for CATI projects.

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An overview of your advantages

  • increased contact rate, fewer harassment calls
  • intelligent call routing and blending
  • more effective talk time
  • uniform corporate communication
  • increased flexibility in the cloud system
  • contact management for all communication channels
  • running costs significantly lower

 Complete integration

  • Quancept
  • Unicom (IBM SPSS Data Collection)
  • Confirmit
  • Nebu
  • Nipo
  • Survox (CfMC)
  • Askia

 The Cloud Computing Innovation 2015

Decentralized working and flexible outsourcing

inITova offers you the combination of Sytel Predictive Dialing with powerful data collection software as a standalone or hosted solution for your market research work. We set up completely virtual call centers for our customers, i.e. the interviewers download a softphone and work from home or in several decentralized CATI studios. In combination with Sytel’s high-end autodialer, even complete call monitoring and call recording of decentralized interviewers is possible. Nebu projects can be flexibly outsourced. The dialer can be configured so that the respondent is shown the telephone number of the institute carrying out the survey.

initova Simplifies Contact Centers for Market Research

If there’s one thing market research companies love it is being able to focus on their core business and leave the technology to other people to worry about. Step forward award winning inITova, a Sytel partner, based in Germany.

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   The Predictive Dialer

100% compatible and future-proof

The predictive dialer is 100% compatible and can be fully integrated into the acquisition system. Our solutions are future-proof and cover all facets of the contact center industry, from small to mid-sized business customers to Fortune 500 companies that perform collections, sales, telemarketing, customer service/support or surveys, for inbound and outbound telephony, Internet, email, web chats, SMS, smartphone apps and social media integration.

Application areas Contact Center solution:

  • Market research
  • Telemarketing
  • Fundraising
  • Collection / Receivables management
  • Customer Service
  • Timeshare company
  • Patient Management in Healthcare
  • Supply groups
  • Management of political campaigns

Virtual callcenter and
predictive dialing

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