Make intelligent calls

SIP trunking is a method that enables business telephone systems to operate over an Internet connection instead of a traditional telephony protocol. We use intelligent SIP definitions and several network operators to achieve a high response rate. Since we are a dialer & telephone provider, we can proactively make changes and keep the communication between the two modules at a high standard.



“Dialer as a Solution” is the hosting of the Sytel Dialer in the cloud. With our in-house interfaces, we are able to connect to any third-party software.

Sytel dialer

MCC SIP trunk

We connect your dialer to our Multi Carrier Call Center (MCC) SIP trunk and offer intelligent SIP trunk settings for automated communication solutions.

Telephone tariff

Multi Carrier Call Center (MCC)

The Multi-Carrier Call Center (MCC) solution is the linking of different telephone providers on one platform that can be used dynamically so that a high response rate is guaranteed. The solution specializes in call centers companies that have to make high dialing attempts per second.

With our SIP-Trunking gateways we work with various Tier 1 and Tier 2 telephone providers worldwide and we host our server at ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 certified and GDPR-compliant data centers in Germany.

Virtual call centers

Market research call center solution

As a dialer and telephone provider, initova offers you a hosted CATI solution for your market research projects. You can connect your market research software to our dialer or import web links directly into our Sytel CATI environment. The interviewers download a softphone or work via WebRTC from home or in several decentralized telephone studios.

You can monitor, record, listen and coach interviewers from anywhere, anytime for free.

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The predictive dialer

100% compatible and reliable

Sytel's Predictive Dialer is already 100% compatible with the following data collection systems: Askia, Confirmit, Dimension, Ingress, Nebu, Nipo, Survox, Unicom and CASO. The Sytel Dialer is used by the largest market research companies in the world, such as TNS, GFK, Nielson and IPSOS.

The real key to good predictive behavior
Dialing is not just about the quality of the dialing
Algorithms but also depends on how
quickly automatically updates the dialing rate
can be.

The algorithm runs calculations over and over again in order to adjust the dialing rate in real time. This high-performance engine from Sytel simulates up to 40 million calls per second, so that updates take place within milliseconds.

Omni Channel Contact Center solution

Communicate with your customers for your inbound and outbound projects via different channels.

With our self-developed PBX, API and ETL interfaces, we can connect any third-party software to our cloud dialer solution. We cover all facets of the contact center industry, from small to medium-sized business customers to Fortune 500 companies that carry out collections, sales, telephone marketing, customer service / support or surveys, for inbound and outbound telephony, internet, e-mail , Web chats, SMS, smartphone apps and social media integration.


You can select our system modularly and link it to your own system

Contact center connection

A network specially designed for the needs of a contact center

Real-time reporting

Get actionable insights to help you make informed decisions.

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24/7 support - 365 days

We have customers all over the world in every time zone. Our support is offered in German and English. Inquiries that you send to support via email are automatically converted into a so-called ticket.

Hosted in Germany

Cloud based

Easily scalable