We at inITova are always curious and follow the latest developments in software / IT, especially when it comes to programs that can be used for market research. One area for which, in the eyes of many market researchers, there are still no effective automation solutions is the analysis and evaluation of open text responses.

With enthusiasm we have now come across a young company that sets new standards in the field of text analysis and can demonstrate great successes with two innovative products. We quickly recognized the great added value that SmartMunk can offer - and the integration and expansion of our product range, which was obvious. Now the time has come that we can officially welcome SmartMunk to the inITova platform!

The innovative company even has more than just a solution for open entries. With the SmartMunk tools, detailed feedback from the image evaluation can be recorded and evaluated, and large amounts of text from various sources can be semantically categorized and weighted. The SmartMunk team has succeeded in combining the functionality of the software with an intuitive visualization (heatmap, word cloud, etc.) and in this way reducing complexity. SmartMunk has already proven itself in practice as an ideal tool for market and advertising research, product development and customer satisfaction analysis. Find out more on our Product page.