Our partner for call center software solutions has integrated the Softdial contact center platform in Salesforce.com together with the world market leader for cloud computing.

Sytel offers users the market-leading predictive dialing engine, sophisticated call routing, IVR, call recording and an embedded softphone (full integration with Salesforce data sets). This increases the productivity of all sales employees for inbound service and outbound sales discussions.

Softdial Contact Center (SCC) maximizes call center efficiency by using call blending (automated, seamless switching of agents) between inbound and outbound campaigns in response to service levels. In this way, resources are used optimally and fewer agents are required to comply with SLAs.

The outbound dialer, a core component of SCC, offers predictive, progressive and preview dialing. The sophisticated campaign and inventory management functions enable high-performance dialing of Salesforce contacts. The predictive mode maximizes the talk time for call centers and at the same time regulates harassment calls according to the regulations.

For inbound, SCC offers extensive and detailed control over call routing so that service calls can be handled quickly and efficiently by the right agent. SCC includes a complete IVR system with a drag-and-drop design tool so that non-technical staff can design and implement complex flow logic.

The Sytel softphone is embedded in the interface of the Salesforce agent with the Salesforce OpenCTI API. This allows agents to control all calls on a unified user interface and make calls with a single click in the Salesforce interface.

“Merging Sytel and Salesforce functionality is an asset,” said Michael McKinlay, CEO, Sytel. “Sytel has extensive experience integrating with third party products; we are the world's leading supplier of OEM dialer components and a leading provider for the market research industry with many proven CATI integrations. "