Initiative, innovation, IT - these are the characteristics that come together in the name inITova. Efficient, proven IT solutions for all work processes required in market research. The most important modules for this are Nebu (data collection software), Sytel (dialer) and Intellex (tabulation, dashboards, charts).

Nebu was founded in 1992 and has been one of the leading providers of market research software for two decades. Nebus Dub InterViewer® is the solution when a robust and flexible data collection software tool is required. The data collection tool enables you to create questionnaires and to launch internet- or telephone-supported field studies in order to conduct valuable market research and thus gain extensive insights into your market or industry segment. You manage the multidimensional panel data recorded over longer periods of time with the world's leading panel management tool Dub Knowledge®. This functions as a complete library of predefined properties and characteristics of all panel data: predictive, weighted and representative sample management, completely freely definable panel reporting, project controlling through a unique, interactive dashboard, built-in e-mail libraries, hierarchical support structured panels and their parallel operation.
The Nebu software is thus a complete survey system that supports all methods such as CATI, WAPI, CAPI (offline), but also data entry. Several methods in parallel in one project, such as switch to web, for example screener via CATI and then optional continuation of the interview online, are also supported. Nebu can run on all end devices that use standard browsers, including tablet PCs (Windows, Android or iPad) or smartphones. The questionnaire scripts are created uniformly for all methods in Dub InterViewer®, which is easy to use and interactively supports many market research-specific logic controls. Nebu is fully equipped for multinational projects with different languages ​​and even the most exotic character sets.

Sytel is a technology leader in the field of call center automation solutions. Since 1997 Sytel has offered best-of-breed software components and full-service solutions for contact centers in over 50 countries around the world. Originally started as a specialist for outbound telephony, Sytel now covers all relevant technology areas in this area of ​​application. Sytel is probably the only provider to have a predictive dialing "pacing" system that is consistently in line with the strict guidelines that already exist in the USA and Great Britain and are soon to be expected elsewhere with regard to upper limits for harassment calls.

With Nebu and Sytel you can set up a completely virtual call center, ie the interviewers work from home or in several decentralized CATI studios. With the high-end autodialer, even complete call monitoring and call recording for decentralized interviewers is no problem. Nebu projects can be outsourced flexibly. The dialer can be configured in such a way that the respondent is shown the telephone number of the institute carrying out the work. The data can be exported in various formats (e.g. SPSS, Excel, Triple S) and you can even define export definitions so that you always get the data automatically sent by email.

To evaluate your results, inITova offers the Intellex Dynamic Reporting solution, state-of-the-art software for analysis, tabulation, reporting, online dashboards, charts and information distribution. The Intellex DataDynamic Reporter® is a complete analysis and reporting solution that researchers around the world use to decipher the messages from their data sets - for data processing, the construction of bespoke tables and the automatic export of the results to Excel worksheets or PowerPoint Graphics. Dynamic Research Manager® is an online portal that professional market researchers use to create bespoke graphical reports. Fully compatible with the DataDynamic Reporter, this intuitive tool can be connected to data acquisition systems and offers users an autonomous environment for cross tabulations and further in-depth analyzes. PowerPoint Generator® is an extension for the DataDynamic Reporter® that allows users to automatically create multiple or logged versions of PowerPoint reports. With the combination of an intuitive way of working, functionality and the power of the software tools as well as integration with common MS Office products, Intellex sets new standards in analysis and reporting. Superfluous complexity and time-consuming manual processing steps are eliminated from the work processes.

Thanks to the full compatibility of Nebu, Sytel and Intellex, the customer receives an efficient complete IT solution for all business-critical processes in market research. inITova uses the software itself and can guarantee you competent all-round support thanks to many years of experience in IT and market research. The inITova team reacts flexibly to all inquiries about products and services. A personal customer advisor is available for advice and / or training in order to ultimately determine an IT solution that meets the customer's requirements.