The world's largest market research fair, Research & Results, is taking place for the eighth time this year, this time in the MOC event center in Munich. From the 23rd to the 24th, the who-is-who in matters of market and opinion research will gather there. The organizer expects further growth in 2013 as well, the fair is one of the most important and popular events not only for market research companies. The numerous exhibitors also include software providers and their sales partners. The latter includes a young company based in Cologne, which can come up with an innovative concept: inITova with their all-in-one solutions pick up on current market research trends and present themselves as true all-rounders. The company not only sells software from leading international providers, it also offers the full range of related services. The term complete solutions is currently very popular. So far, however, hardly any company has been able to cover such a large area of ​​responsibility as inITova. inITova offers, among other things, consulting, training and hosting for software, data management, questionnaire programming, tabulation, dashboards, charts, creation of homepages and supports customers in setting up call centers. The company does not see itself as a market research institute, but takes on market research work for other companies as a software expert. The corporate strategy goes hand in hand with current developments in the industry: on the one hand, Mafo companies are increasingly making use of help from third parties and, on the other hand, there are more and more companies interested in doing market research independently and the associated software and supporting services need for this.
The inITova team is eagerly awaiting the Research & Results, where it will be represented with a large booth this year. You will surely see some familiar faces again and maybe / possibly new, friendly as well as business contacts will arise. If you work in the field of market research, you should definitely not miss this event.