Preview and progressive dialing are not really that complicated - predictive dialing, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

A predictive dialer is a self-learning dialing algorithm that uses statistical data that is continuously collected during the campaign to decide when and how many calls are initiated, i.e. how much overdialing has to be carried out with regard to outstanding callbacks that are in the sample management Settings are stored. Call attempts that reach a respondent are automatically identified and filtered in order to initiate calls for the call agents. Calls to fax machines, modems and many voicemail systems can easily be recognized with minimal delay, automatically excluded and appropriately coded in the sample management.

The real key to good predictive dialing lies not only in the quality of the dialing algorithms but also depends on how quickly the dialing rate can be updated automatically. The British company Sytel is a market leader in the field of automatic dialing systems and has invested many man-years in developing products such as the Virtual Event Machine (VEM) ®. This high-end pacing engine was specially designed for the outbound market. The user does not need to set anything more than a maximum target for abandoned calls (call breaks if no agent is available to accept the call) and can leave the rest to VEM®. This continuously calculates the most efficient dialing rate for the defined abandoned rate. This also automatically complies with the applicable harassment call guidelines. The Working Group of German Market and Social Research Institutes (ADM) allows a “silent call” rate of a maximum of 1% of all call attempts with valid phone numbers per calendar day. Thanks to VEM®, the Sytel dialer can be set so that a maximum of 1% of calls are guaranteed to end up in the queue and no dialing attempts have to be aborted because the agent is not available.

The supervisor can concentrate fully on the management of the campaign while the pacing is completely controlled by the dialer without external influences and thus without potential sources of error. VEM® continuously monitors all events that are part of the electoral process. The algorithm runs calculations over and over again in order to adjust the dialing rate in real time. This high-performance engine from Sytel simulates up to 40 million calls per second (yes, 40 million calls per second!), So that updates take place within milliseconds, whereas other dialers need considerably more time for this. Thus, the performance of the pacing engine is a decisive factor when choosing a dialer.

Modern dialers can also be seamlessly integrated into existing systems. For example, the world market leader for cloud computing, Salesforce, has integrated the Softdial Contact Center ™ platform from Sytel into Leading market research software such as Confirmit, SPSS Dimension, Askia, Nipo and Nebu already have an interface to the Sytel dialer.

As a sales partner of Systel, inITova hosts the dialer directly at ccn GmbH in Munich, which also provides IP telephony (blueSIP). As an alternative to in-house installations, we can also provide a cloud-based complete solution for CATI projects with unlimited bandwidth, also for small and medium-sized companies. This virtual call center solution for data collection is only available from inITova.