Nebu Reporter Demo 1Widget-based dashboard reporting in real time

Nebu now has the answer to customer requests for an optimized live reporting solution: a portal for interactive, widget-based custom dashboards that are directly linked to the data collection system. The Nebu Reporter module has now passed through the test phase and the first Nebu customers have already successfully implemented the tool for their live projects.

Nebu has invested a lot in development in order to combine flexibility / adaptability with this module as well as user-friendliness and easy handling. With Reporter, a decisive further development for effective project controlling and optimized customer communication has now been achieved. Users can now pull survey data directly from the survey software, feed it into dashboards and add comments and notes. Additional content such as YouTube videos can also be integrated into the dynamic reporting. All components of the dashboard can be customized. We have summarized the main advantages for you below.

Immediate and continuous reporting

Nebu Reporter provides real-time insights in the form of customizable customer dashboards with reporting widgets. Information is automatically drawn from directly from the data collection environment. This minimizes the need for manual data manipulation and thus potential errors. A continuous stream of usable insights can be made available to the customer in this way.

Easy setup

The widget-based dashboards are very easy to set up. With a click of the mouse, you select which information you would like to share with clients. Save the configuration for reuse and duplicate dashboards with a simple click. Update the data source to enable instant reporting for a new project.


The look and feel of the dashboards are fully customizable and can be tailored to any corporate identity. In this way, the attention can be better caught and interaction is encouraged. Features and style can be configured for each dashboard and widget in the general settings. Use your own or customer designs flexibly according to specifications.

Data selection

In order to provide your customers with useful insights, the most important information should be selected and highlighted. A clear and clearly structured presentation is particularly important for this. The dashboard widgets in Nebu Reporter are clear and have filter options so that the relevant information can be selected with a click of the mouse.

Anonymized insights

Data security is not only important when storing and transferring data, but also for compliance with data protection regulations - especially with personal data. Nebu Reporter only shows anonymized and aggregated data. The sensitive information about your respondents remains protected.

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