Find out what really motivates your employees

Employee feedback

With regular employee feedback and dashboards for optimization in daily operations, you always maintain a strategic overview and have a basis for dynamic coaching of your employees.

Respond quickly to suggestions for improvement, optimise ergonomics in the company, efficiently familiarise newcomers and reduce staff turnover. The analysis helps you to solve problems and brings undiscovered potential to light – react accordingly to motivate employees and reward commitment.

Employee satisfaction

Understanding employees better and promoting commitment

Employee Onboarding

Successfully introducing newcomers to the business

Employee resignation

Take away important findings from exit interviews

360° employee feedback

Viewing leadership competence from all angles

Survey software for employee surveys

A number of measures help to increase and maintain employee loyalty at a high level. Which measures have to be taken and when is not only revealed by employee surveys. Target employees in different positions, focus on retaining key executives and use all available data for insightful insights.

Save time and paper with a digital feedback system

Cloud-based solutions – you only need a web browser

User-defined online forms/ questionnaires for ratings

Clear 360° feedback projects easy to manage

Send inquiry

Define goals for individual employees or departments

Connect these goals with strategic corporate goals

Automatic e-mails for invitations, reminders, sending reports etc.

Real-time reporting: Statistics at a click and tracking of employee performance

Obtaining and evaluating feedback is a complex process because people are very sensitive. The slightest perception of something negative influences the emotional state of an employee. Managers often do not give enough feedback or they only express themselves vaguely, especially when it comes to pointing out concrete weaknesses. These challenges have to be taken into account in the research question, the chosen method, anonymity/ information control and filtering in the questionnaire.

Employee feedback is the basis for personal and professional growth

Most employees like to give feedback and even long for it

Feedback helps employees to improve in their own area of activity

Feedback helps the employee to grow, making the employee feel better overall

Happy employees get more involved in customer service and thus contribute to the success of the company