As a sales partner and service provider for IT solutions for market research, inITova, based in Cologne, pursues an innovative corporate concept. Powerful software that are mutually compatible and an experienced team behind them make the company a competent provider of complete solutions for market research. But that's not all: inITova also offers online marketing with website creation, SEO, PR services and more. The experienced market researchers and IT experts have programmers, web developers, SEO experts and PR specialists who together form a flexible team of experts. In this way, the company can cover a wide range of related services and turns a loose network of work processes into a stable chain.
In a dynamic, performance-oriented world, one cannot rely solely on the competence in a specific subject area. In addition to subject-related skills, contacts, communication and methodological skills have become decisive success factors in the service sector. Unfortunately, many companies still do not have this knowledge or it is only being implemented very poorly. The fact that inITova unites workers from related but previously separate areas under one roof means that it is precisely these additional skills that are trained and promoted. The knowledge of the relevant work processes and the practical knowledge of the various specialists among each other therefore make up the company philosophy of inITova.
The Cologne-based company is therefore not only of interest as an IT service partner for market research, but also for companies in the start-up phase that want to present and position themselves well online. inITova can create a visually catchy website that is geared towards SEO from the start and contains valuable keywords. Optionally, a tailored Google AdWords campaign can be started and / or press releases written by experienced authors and published in a targeted manner. Through professional competence combined with in-depth market knowledge, the inITova team can provide companies with an appealing website and at the same time increase the Google ranking. Data acquisition, analysis and evaluation are standard procedures for market research software experts anyway. In this way, precise and clear, regular status reports can be created, which enable precise monitoring and success control. And again: everything from a single source.