InITova, based in Cologne, describes itself as an all-round software and service partner for market research projects. For this purpose, a selection of software is offered that is among the leading products in the industry: the data collection and panel management software from Nebu, the call center and predictive dialing products from Sytel, the Intellex reporting solutions (tabulation, charts, online reporting and Dashboards) as well as the call center management software suite from run-e. In addition, the company works with the products it sells itself and offers its customers comprehensive services for market research work with the software. The company has specialists who, thanks to their professional experience in market research institutes and in the IT sector, specialize in the efficient use of the software on offer. The customer can take advantage of advice, training, hosting and data management from inITova or commission questionnaire design, tabulation, dashboards and charts. The customer is even offered to create a homepage or set up his own call center (including hardware).
inITova actually does justice to the concept of an all-in-one solution: the tried and tested software in connection with the extensive range of services provided by competent specialists makes it worthwhile for companies to obtain everything from a single source and thus to increase efficiency. The offer is flexibly tailored to the customer: Complete solution here means an efficient solution that meets all the respective requirements. InITova can offer everything that is required, not everything that inITova can do has to be used. You can make sensible choices from the individual modules. This flexibility of the company naturally increases the potential target group. On the one hand, there are market research institutes who turn to external companies for the required software and are showing an increasing interest in having individual tasks such as data management or programming carried out selectively by providers such as inITova. In addition, companies and organizations from all industries in relevant specialist departments such as market research, marketing, customer service, customer relations and many more belong to the group of customers who can benefit from inITova's products and services. The young company from Cologne has recognized the current trends in market research, successfully incorporated them into the corporate strategy and positions itself as an innovative sales partner for leading market research software.