On February 2nd and 3rd, 2017, an exciting program awaits us at the official CX Bootcamp in the Hotel Casa in Amsterdam, organized and sponsored by the CFM Group with speakers from home and abroad. In addition to CFM customers for the customer perspective, we are particularly looking forward to Rijn Vogelaar, author of the internationally renowned books “The Superpromoter” and “Flame, Flow Flood”.

The CFM group is growing. We expect 25 to 30 participants on both Thursday and Friday. We are very happy to welcome Lauren and Charlotte from CFM CX Solutions to the UK. Sidney Brouwer, founder of the CX Academy in the Netherlands and a self-proclaimed CX fanatic, will also be there on Friday.

We look forward to a very informative event and a lively exchange when we meet our partners again and get to know new participants at the CX Bootcamp. We will report on this in the blog afterwards.