Innovation Prize IT 2015 Submit a rating

Designing market research more efficiently with new IT solutions, simplifying processes through sensible combinations of the individual software modules and their integration into existing systems - with this objective inITova was founded. Now we have made it with our latest solution in the cloud computing best list for the IT innovation prize of the Initiative Mittelstand.

Our virtual market research call center saves costs and offers unimagined flexibility for international CATI projects. The data collection system Nebu and the Sytel dialer are hosted by our partner, ccn GmbH (blueSIP) in the high availability center in Munich and offered as a cloud solution with advice and support on the inITova platform. Customers benefit from the flexible, high-performance data acquisition software, the market leader in predictive dialing and all the advantages that IP telephony offers. Global telephone surveys with comparable cost efficiency and flexibility have never been possible before - call agents only need a PC + Internet and can conduct interviews via softphone (without an additional PBX) using the high-end dialing software. Central project management is supported by comprehensive monitoring options via Nebu as well as complete call monitoring and call recording and offers all the technical requirements for high-quality results.

From April 01.04.2015st, XNUMX you can submit your rating for our innovative solution. We are looking forward to your feedback!