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Not all satisfied customers are also loyal. However, if you have loyal customers, then they are also satisfied. The prerequisite for this is the correct understanding of loyalty - a really loyal customer is convinced of the good service and is more inclined to recommend the company (read more about this in our last Blog post about growth and loyalty). Well, what are the chances that your company will be recommended? On the basis of this question for the Net Promoter Score (NPS), the actually relevant question emerges:

What can I do to ensure that as many of our customers as possible recommend us?

NPS factsheet

To answer these and other questions, we provide NPS and error-cause analysis, with the integration of customer, process and company data as a complete system with dashboards. With the CustomerFeedbackMonitor (CFM) not only can the probability of the recommendation of certain target groups be determined, the reasons for the recommendation (or non-recommendation) are also recorded and categorized. Is it the contact, fast delivery or long waiting times, friendly service, maybe the appealing website, or does the customer simply don't know anyone to recommend? With pre-defined evaluations in real-time mode, we show our customers what exactly they need to keep, expand, monitor and immediately improve so that they can build up a satisfied and loyal customer base.

happy customerUsing the interactive dashboard interface, our customers can immerse themselves in the data, filter very easily with just a few clicks and make further evaluations. What is the relationship between loyalty and growth, do these values ​​have an impact on my sales or the acquisition of new customers? With our system, such evaluations can be precisely defined - for example, monthly or quarterly reports with current data are automatically generated and sent by email to the management or certain employees. We provide tailor-made software with extensive user rights for service-oriented companies in a wide variety of industries. In addition to the NPS increase, which enables profitable growth, our customers also save a lot of time for analyzes and reports and can concentrate fully on their business.