Get to know the benefits
of Instant Feedback

Start Smart

For Android, iOS und Windows

Use a universal frame for tablets with different
designs and operating systems. Android as well
as iOS and Windows devices are compatible and
can be used flexibly in a custom-made terminal
with a 30° viewing angle – on the counter, on the
wall or in a free-standing floor stand. The housing
is durable, scratch and imprint resistant and does
not affect the WLAN connection. With the Face-
Plate option you can keep the front camera
and Home Button either locked or open.

Your benefits


No own devices

Software without limitation
(e.g. also multimedia integration)

Trigger alarms (by mail)
with dissatisfied customers

Real-time insights / fast
Measures with Dashboard System

Multilingual and
simple usage

Corporate Identity

Quick adjustments
by remote control

Send inquiry

Obtain feedback on site

A feedback terminal or mobile tablet invites guests
or customers to interact, underlines your image as
a modern company and contributes to a positive
customer experience. By the possibility to give an
opinion on the spot you get “instant feedback”,
i.e. an unadulterated impression of the customer or
guest at the point of contact with your company.
The flexible options offered by the software are also
available without restriction in the Feedback
Terminal. As part of our Marketing Compact
Solutions, we provide terminals and, if desired,
install the software on existing equipment.