On November 6th it's that time again: the Research Club is coming to Cologne! On this occasion, inITova organized a pre-event together with the main sponsor of the event, Intellex Dynamic Reporting. The latest technological developments in tabulation software are presented and put in the context of current challenges in the industry.

Intellex is a modern, complete system for analysis and reporting that combines data management and statistical processing with an intuitive functionality and innovative, visually appealing display variants. A revolutionary Intellex development is, for example, the Powerpoint Generator, which can automatically generate entire PowerPoint report folders from freshly collected data.

The main modules of the reporting system are clearly explained by contacts from inITova and Intellex, so the presentation is also aimed at newcomers and interested parties in general. A case study is also used that documents the use of Intellex in the field and illustrates the benefits of each feature.

Intellex is known for being ahead of its time and is developing the software in close collaboration with market research companies. The presentation at the Research Club thus offers added value for all visitors to the networking event. The presentation starts at 18 p.m.