When a customer remains loyal to a company for a long period of time and buys more, different products or services over time, this is considered loyal behavior. It is also known as "customer loyalty". Research shows that customers are not necessarily loyal because they receive great service rather than standard service. Much more influential is the ease with which they can access this service. The Customer Effort Score is a key figure that shows how much effort a customer had to put in to answer a question or to have a problem solved.

The free e-book “Easier is more” discusses the properties, special features and options of the Customer Effort Score as a customer-centered Key Performance Indicator (KPI). The method is explained, examples are taken from existing customer cases and we give you some useful tips.

Who is this e-book for?
For everyone responsible in the area of ​​customer satisfaction or customer experience who would like to gain (more) insight into the possibilities of the customer effort score and its practical application.

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