The focus is on the customer experience

Customers talk about your offer on social media. The influence and power of the customer is growing. Value a particularly good customer experience and increase customer loyalty.

Measure and improve customer satisfaction in 3 steps


Multi-channel mode


actionable insights


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Customer feedback software

We offer an intelligent solution to effectively measure customer satisfaction and to optimize services in a targeted and sustainable manner. Customers talk about your offer on social media. Value a great customer experience and increase the number of people you reach because they'll spread good news about your company.

Use our dynamic tool to create your questionnaire from scratch or use our predefined templates. We'll help you build the right questions and choose the right channel, whatever promises the highest response rate.

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Customers contact your company through different channels, sometimes even at the same time. Make sure your communication is coordinated. Both surveys and dashboards run on our solutions via mobile devices. You can flexibly combine telephone, SMS, online and mobile surveys in a project; the data is always recorded centrally and made available in real time.

Create and design your own dashboards and publish them to the right people, available on all devices XNUMX/XNUMX.

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Set filters, compare branches, products and services with each other and carry out benchmarks. You will quickly gain an overview and see which areas need to be improved.

You now have actionable insights, also known as actionable insights. You know what particularly promotes customer loyalty in your company and what can lead to customer loss and dissatisfaction. The system sends email alerts, reports and action plans to initiate meaningful improvement measures. Use our ticket system management module to solve complaints more effectively and to reward particularly loyal customers and to include them directly in your social media marketing.

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Converting customer feedback into controlled processes that penetrate the walls of your company is the greatest challenge for a company. With us you bring feedback and actions in line!

Whatever is stored in web hosting, on servers or in the cloud - strict German data protection guidelines guarantee comprehensive data protection and data security.

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