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Customer Experience Management

CX Management means gathering knowledge about customers, understanding their opinions and motives, involving them and interacting with them. Based on the insights you gain, you control emotions and manage the influence in your company – for a unique customer experience with the help of our CEM Software.

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Managing influence

Understanding the customer’s journey

So we want as many loyal customers (promoters) as possible in our customer base. But when and why does your customer become a promoter? To understand this, we have to put ourselves in the customer’s perspective. By looking closely at each step of the customer’s journey, you can understand what the customer experiences and where you can improve your service to better shape that customer experience.
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We use the following KPI’s in our error-cause analyses


With CES you check basic expectations that are naturally assumed by the customer. If these are not fulfilled, this leads to dissatisfaction and customer loss. If these are fulfilled, however, you have not yet bound your customers more strongly. Unnecessary effort for the customer is reflected in a low CES value which needs to be increased.


With CSAT you improve your performance in terms of customer satisfaction. Performance characteristics are consciously perceived by customers (in contrast to basic expectations) and can therefore also strengthen satisfaction and loyalty. At the same time you improve weak points and ensure that your services are fulfilled.


With NPS, you aim at the enthusiasm of your customers and the acquisition of as many promoters as possible. To do this, you must offer added value or benefits that the customer does not expect and that distinguish you from your competitors. Make an excellent customer experience the top priority of your business strategy.

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