Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

The  Customer Satisfaction Score gives you insight into overall satisfaction;

In addition to NPS and CES, the Customer Satisfaction Score or CSAT is another Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that measures how satisfied a customer is with the service provider. In its simplest form, CSAT is expressed as a percentage between 0 and 100%, where 100% stands for absolute customer satisfaction.

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With CSAT you improve your performance in terms of customer satisfaction. Performance features are consciously perceived by customers and can therefore also strengthen satisfaction and loyalty. At the same time you improve weak points and ensure that your services are fulfilled.

Measure customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction has become increasingly important for companies. For this purpose, CSAT is a proven standard KPI for measurement that can be used universally. Customer satisfaction in digital transformation is most efficient when the feedback results can be combined with other data (CRM data, SAP data, etc.). Only then can companies evaluate and rank satisfaction in real time at different levels within a company.

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