CES – Customer Effort Score

How well and quickly can your company communicate customer feedback and complaints internally and resolve them to customer satisfaction? What measures can you take to further reduce the effort for the customer? In order to answer these questions specifically, we use the CES, which we integrate as an important KPI into the CFM feedback system for you.

Customers want to have it easy and convenient

A paying customer wants to be cared for and have his problem solved quickly and flexibly through various channels. Today this is a challenge especially for larger companies with many subdivisions. Are telephone, e-mail, SMS and other contact or feedback channels optimally coordinated?

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Mithilfe von CES-Feedbacks in Kombination mit der Fehler-Ursachen-Analyse erfahren Sie schnell, was Ihren Kunden Probleme bereitet und wo Ihre Prozesse optimiert werden müssen im Management und Kundendienst.

Why CES is used

In contrast to key figures such as FCR (first resolution rate) and AHT (processing time per contact), CES focuses on the effort put in from the customer’s perspective.
Today, CES values are the basis for targeted measures that make it easier for the customer to optimally fulfill his basic expectations. Ultimately, CES Optimization also aims to improve the overall quality and sustainability of customer service.

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