inITova at the CX Bootcamp in Amsterdam

On February 2 and 3, 2017, an exciting program awaits us at the official CX Bootcamp in the Hotel Casa in Amsterdam, organized and sponsored by the CFM Group with speakers from Germany and abroad. In addition to CFM customers for the customer perspective, we are particularly looking forward to Rijn Vogelaar, author of the internationally renowned books "The Superpromoter" and

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How useful is the Net Promoter Score?

NPS was developed by Fred Reichheld in 2003 and presented to the world as "One Number You Neet to Grow" in the Harvard Business Review. He presented a coherent concept to address the problem of unusable customer satisfaction surveys. These surveys were usually long and complicated, had low response rates, and yielded inconclusive results from which managers lacked clear guidelines for action

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MARSC - the ultimate solution for panel management and online communities

Would you like to build an online community and need effective sampling and panel management software? We have good news for you, because we have expanded our platform and now, with MARSC, offer you the ultimate solution for your requirements. The extensive system for sampling, panel management and online communities is easy to use and 100% compatible with

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How can I satisfy my customers?

Not all satisfied customers are also loyal. However, if you have loyal customers, then they are also satisfied. The prerequisite for this is the correct understanding of loyalty - a really loyal customer is convinced of the good service and is more inclined to recommend the company (read more about this in our last blog post about growth and loyalty). Well how high is

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How growth relates to loyalty

Marketing and growth are like Siamese twins. None of them can live without each other. Can we say the same about loyalty and growth? Let's look at the concept of loyalty and some of the mistakes companies make when trying to measure loyalty. Loyalty can be defined as a person's willingness to accept a

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Cloud Computing IT Innovations 2015 | 2nd place inITova

The popular solution for international CATI projects with the predictive dialer from the cloud has now been officially awarded an audience award! Read the official report of the award ceremony here. Now is the perfect opportunity to get detailed information and get a personal impression. At this year's Research & Results, anyone interested can find out more about this

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Are market research calls allowed? Software helps to comply with guidelines

On July 10, 2015, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) announced decisive changes to the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act). Accordingly, in the US, all autodialer calls to mobile numbers without the prior consent of the person being called will be illegal. Representatives of the market research industry such as MRA and CASRO rightly see the need to defend themselves. In the end

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Market research IT complete packages

After we made it into the top list of IT innovations in 2015, the portfolio has been further developed and now includes the popular on-demand solutions for market research projects in all survey methods as complete packages. With the slogan "Start Smart" we continue to address small and medium-sized companies as well as startups, with the variants "Professional" and "Enterprise", however, there are now also suitable ones

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Text analysis & co-creation - inITova welcomes new partner SmartMunk

We at inITova are always curious and follow the latest developments in software / IT, especially when it comes to programs that can be used for market research. One area for which, in the eyes of many market researchers, there are still no effective automation solutions is the analysis and evaluation of open text responses. With enthusiasm we are

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