CX E-Book Part 3: Simpler is more

When a customer remains loyal to a company for a long period of time and buys more, different products or services over time, this is considered loyal behavior. It is also known as "customer loyalty". Research shows that customers are not necessarily loyal because they receive great service rather than standard service. Much

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GDPR and customer feedback at inITova

It concerns us all: the new data protection legislation GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which will come into force on May 25, 2018. Are we expecting a big bang? The strengthened GDPR rules for the collection and processing of personal data from EU citizens will apply from the end of May. inITova sees the new legislation as a positive step towards the protection of personal data. Finally goes

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CX E-Book Part 1: Customer Experience on the road to success

Do you really know what your customers want? Where and why do they "get out" and how you can better assist them during their customer journey? If you collect targeted customer feedback, you can immediately start making improvements, both in your own organization and with your external communication. In this e-book we will discuss a number of important ones

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Consulting for digital transformation and feedback systems

  Successful CX management would hardly be conceivable without the use of personal data. As a company, you want to address your customers personally and specifically at the various touchpoints and, for example, implement targeted reparation or reward campaigns. Personalized customer service across all channels only works if the relevant data is available at the contact point. Data is among the most valuable

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Customer experience management in the company - what CEOs have to consider when implementing a CX system

When implementing a customer experience management system in the company, some hurdles have to be overcome. Executives often think this is primarily about technical difficulty, but in fact the biggest challenge lies with the people within the company themselves. Especially when you are about to incorporate a system that is influential

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Net Promoter System (NPS) - utilize the full potential

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series, we already gave an introduction about the benefits and added value of NPS as a key performance indicator for customer-centric companies. A direct link between NPS and business growth is not easy to prove. But how is it that such companies (based on our experience with CFM users) have a promoter surplus

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Nebu Reporter is live!

Widget-based dashboard reporting in real time Nebu now has the answer to customer requests for an optimized live reporting solution: a portal for interactive, widget-based custom dashboards that are directly linked to the data collection system. The Nebu Reporter module has now passed through the test phase and the first Nebu customers have already successfully implemented the tool for their live projects. Nebu has a lot

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Customer Experience Management Congress | CFM Group

The meeting around customer experience management with software and CX experts as well as CFM customers was a complete success. As an example of a great customer experience, the Hotel CASA turns out to be an excellent choice. With its friendly service, modern facilities and technology as well as a good kitchen, we can recommend this without hesitation. For inITova partners and

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Retaining customers means understanding customers

In Part 1 of this blog series, we discussed what insights the use of the Net Promoter Score can bring and for what purposes NPS can be used sensibly. It turns out that NPS is a very useful metric for a CX management system when properly incorporated into assessment questionnaires and analysis. Albeit a direct correlation

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