Successful CX management would hardly be conceivable without the use of personal data. As a company, you want to address your customers personally and specifically at the various touchpoints and, for example, implement targeted reparation or reward campaigns. Personalized customer service across all channels only works if the relevant data is available at the contact point. Data has become the most valuable raw material of our time. A raw material that is also highly explosive when it comes to use and processing, especially when it comes to personal customer and employee data.

In May 2018, the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) will be replaced by the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The still valid data protection laws go back to the EU data protection directive from 1995 (Directive 95/46 / EC). In the future, a comprehensive regulation with much tougher penalties will apply instead for those who do not adhere to the new rules for storing and handling personal data. The new Federal Data Protection Act (GDPAA) will also replace the current Federal Data Protection Act in order to adapt it to the GDPR, to make use of the exemptions and to implement the guideline on criminal prosecution (EU / 2016/680).

This is very important for German companies, because although the GDPR applies directly across the EU and its provisions take precedence over national law, member states (such as Germany) are still able to introduce their own national legislation on the basis of certain exemptions from the GDPR. In other words, it means that Member States can tighten penalties and regulations at national level.

Consulting-digital-transformation-employeesWhen you find out what is technically possible, what has to be observed legally, and finally which overarching goals you are pursuing as a company, you can effectively roll out your strategies for digital transformation and avoid critical errors from the outset. We have always strived to create a platform where companies can find a full range of software, services, and information related to customer feedback, employee feedback, and market research. Together with our alliances of data protection officers and lawyers who specialize in data protection and compliance, IT law, internet and online business and employee law, we advise companies on their digital transformation and inform them about regulations and specific strategies for application.

We give you an overview of what is possible with new digital technologies, what to watch out for and what to avoid - based on specialist knowledge as well as our experience and the success stories of existing customers.